Dakar in general and Guédiawaye, in particular, suffer from waste management and recycling problem to date nonexistent. For this reason, we work with the participants in the first phase of awareness of the problem and collection of inorganic waste, through cleaning activities in the coastal areas of the neighborhood.

Afterward, a selection and organization of the appropriate material for the possible action were carried out. Any object,can tell us countless stories. Two types of workshops were carried out using those found objects. Graphics concepts such as repetition, seriation, scale, contrast, weight, balance, and movement were worked on.

Ana Caos
Jelger de l'Orme
Santi Vicente (memosesmas)

MAKE | Nomadic Festival of Art & Construction

Guédiawaye, Dakar (Senegal)

Photographies © Hadriana Casla

XS Workshop

Photographies © Hadriana Casla

XL Workshop

Photography © Hadriana Casla

Photography © Hadriana Casla

Potography ©Milena Villalba

Photographies © Hadriana Casla

Potography ©Milena Villalba

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