Ephemeral Installation
Conceptual Design

2nd prize of Experimental Section Fallas
Mention in the XIX edition of the COACV Architecture Awards

Carlos Calatayud (nituniyo)
Jesús Navarro (nituniyo)
Santi Vicente (memosesmas)

Falla Castielfabib

C/ Marques de Sant Joan, Valencia (Spain).

March 2018

©Daniel Escobedo + Pau Olivares + Santi Vicente

The principle of experimentation has been decisive in our way of proceeding every time we have had the fortune to participate in the world of Fallas.

The theme of Fallas is usually determined by last year's events. Currently, events seem to happen a rhythm very difficult for us to assimilate and reflect what is happening.

How can we reflect this fact, the impossibility of representing the changing actuality? Could the monument renounce to have a form? Could It have a mutable form? We propose a monument susceptible to adopting different forms, a kind of three-dimensional canvas that can be modified daily and support the message desired in each moment.


14+15.03.2018 | Assembly phase

By being able to work different people on the same support at different times, attributes of participation and play are added, and the concept of authorship is diluted. External collaborators can contribute their vision giving shape to the canvas. They thus become co-authors of the work. We are very grateful for your involvement in the project.

16.03.2018 | Llibret
Cover design by Eugenio Simó

16.03.2018 | Llibret
Process video

 17.03.2018 | Gegant
Intervention by the designer Carlos Tíscar

 17.03.2018 | Gegant
Process video

  18.03.2018 | Muro
 Intervention by the illustrator Luis Demano

 18.03.2018 | Muro
Process video

19.03.2018 | Qué importa... 
Intervention by the architect Miguel Arraiz

19.03.2018 | Qué importa... 
Process video

Changing the form during the Fallas, the viewer can repeat the visit and modify the experience. The diffusion networks of the participants will complement ours, increasing the total repercussion.

 19.03.2018 | Cremà

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