Ephemeral Installation
Conceptual Design

FIRST Prize competition. Promoted by CTAC
MENTION Emporia | Spanish National Prize for Ephemeral Architecture Emporia (2016)

Carlos Calatayud (nituniyo)
Jesús Navarro (nituniyo)
Santi Vicente (memosesmas)

Territorial College of Architects of Castellón (CTAC)

C/ Enseñanza, 4. Castellón (Spain).

May 2016

Santi Vicente

The installation borns thanks to the fortune of winning the competition promoted by the Territorial College of Architects of Castellón,in relation to the X edition of the Nitde l'Art 2016 contest. The event brings culture to the streets of the city due to public and individual entities.

The proposal seeks to create an environment, providing a series of suspended lamps that delimit and generate a different spatial meaning.

Detail suspended lamp



It's made by low cost pieces of embossed and folded cardboard. Once assembled and linked together with ropes, generates a number ofcylinders of different diameters (1.5 to 2.20m) and about 3m high.The lightness of the resulting elements (about 10kg per lamp) cansuspend them without difficulty, generating an attractive area oflight under them. The installation of three more lamps in the lobbyof the school is also proposed to strengthen the continuity betweeninside and outside and limiting the scope of the event. A singlecylinder supported on the ground, as a table, serve as support forinformation and signal access.

By raising the pieces on the 2.20m height is achieved great visibility from adjacent streets, withthe consequent attraction effect. Once the installation is raised,the ground planeis free for the normal use of the street. The light emitted by the lamps reinforces these concepts and ensuresmaximum visibility and visual impact of the installation.

Large suspended lamps generate an unprecedented space, characterized by theclearness, lightness and light. The large volume occupied by the elements gives the installation an important representative capacity. A modest piece of cardboard, with a suitable mounting system and properdisposal, can get a surprising effect of transformation of the space.Cardboard pieces are economical, easily mountable, removable,reusable and recyclable, as the elements of the simple electricalinstallation.

Main Street

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