Ephemeral Installation
Conceptual Design

SILVER Emporia 2016

Carlos Calatayud (nituniyo)
Jesús Navarro (nituniyo)
Santi Vicente (memosesmas)

Falla Castielfabib

C/ Marques de Sant Joan, Valencia (Spain).

March 2016

The project is the result of the order by the commission Castielfabib to perform the main monument to represent them in the celebrations ofthe Fallas 2016. The representation of a big head is a recurring theme in fallas, and we allowed the incorporation of a series of contributions that seemed interesting, as the possibility of generating a visitable element, a participatory place. A large empty to decide what things we prefer for fill the head. CAP BUIT in Valencian means both "empty head"as "no vacuum" and we decided this double meaning was appropiate.

Aerial View
 © Milena Villalba

Build Process

 Project Plan

Ground View
© memosesmas  

Hair View
© Milena Villalba

Interior Light View
© Nituniyo

The project is undertaken, with two distinct elements, face and hair.

The face is heavy and robust part of the group, responsible for ensuringthe stability of the whole and consists of four overlapping parts. It was designed so that access to the interior of the fault could take place through it. Once inside, the visitor takes a circular route, surrounding the central well and finally out into the street by the side of the face symmetrical. The hair is formed by pieces of painted cardboard, assembled in order to make the shape of the head. This shell, acquires a textile quality by the way in which the cardboard pieces are trimmed and sewn together,forming a lattice that allows the passage of air and light through it, so that the interior space will be strongly characterized by natural light filtered.

Participative Project
© Milena Villalba

The project ended in the burning of the monument, the "cremà",which started inside the "falla", where the proposals ofthe participants burned illuminating the monument as if a lamp were,until the fire consumed her.

With this project, we try to question a number of aspects installed in therecent tradition of the holidays. To bring a new vision, we startwith a series of conditions, each of which means a small bet and asmall challenge:

Non polluting combustion. We wanted to avoid at all costs the use of expanded polystyrene,whose combustion is so polluting and unpleasant, and use less harmful combustion product.

Elimination of urban barriers. Offer an alternative to the current, for return city to the public and include it in the feast. It seems appropriate that the falla allow the possibility of approaching, touching, without restrictions or tolls.

Participatory. We consider it appropriate to involve the viewer to share the creation process. Through cardboard diptychs (same used for the head) with a series of icons representing different aspects of life, inorder that everyone could underline or cross out those deemed relevant and use it to fill our empty head. Promoting a positive message added to the traditional criticism of the fallas.

Constructive sincerity.The outward expression of the object is a result of the system of internal composition, removing coatings and exposing the internal structure, with the intention of reducing the distance between being and seeming.

© memosesmas

Lamp Fire
© nituniyo

The end
© Milena Villalba 

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